Video training for
today’s workforce

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Boost engagement.

Staff love the idea of short videos in this format rather than using our main LMS.
Philip Jeffs, ATPI

Fast, easy lessons.

Each video is no longer than two minutes. Highly focused and easy to consume. Your workers get the knowledge they need, then get back on with the job.

  • Conveniently complete lessons on any device
  • Validate comprehension with questions after lessons
  • Increase worker confidence and productivity

Simple content creation.

Create videos anywhere using the TeamTrain app. Upload existing content or film it in the field, adding your own voice over when you’re ready.

  • Record and edit on your phone
  • Add optional VoiceOver to your videos
  • Quickly publish updates to existing lessons

Easy distribution and tracking.

Send your training content to the people that need it by setting up teams. Track who has and hasn’t done their training from the TeamTrain web interface.

  • Notifications when new content is assigned
  • Completion progress and tracking
  • Easily move people into and between teams

Powerful features and more on the roadmap.

Lessons and Courses

Build your content using a simple course and lesson structure. Create up to 30 lessons in a course and as many courses as you need.

Video Editor

Shoot and edit videos quickly on your mobile device, no camera gear necessary. Easily add a VoiceOver or use the existing audio.

Verify Comprehension

Add up to three mandatory multiple choice questions per lesson to ensure competency.

User Management & Permissions

Powerful management tools including bulk inviting of users, adding users to teams and setting admin permissions.

Track Progress

Track the progress of your learners through the web based administration panel. View progress towards completion and identify those that need a reminder.

Export your data

Export to CSV with the click of a button for deeper analysis of your training data or to update your existing LMS or EMS.

Public API


Integrate with TeamTrain to quickly onboard workers and access their training data.

Single Sign-On

Coming Soon

SSO integration is coming soon to TeamTrain, starting with Okta in early 2020.


Coming Soon

Broadcast important one-off announcements to parts of or your entire organisation.

I love this application... this is a game changer
for us in the offshore oil and gas!
Rey Flores, Stork/Fluor
TeamTrain is a game changer!
Gary Bonnet, BOS Solutions

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Video training for today’s workforce

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